Ethno Village Dubirog Perovic

Restaurant Dubirog Perovic Ethno Village, is located only a few km from Andrijevica. A beautiful place to rest and soul, enriched in greenery and water from the river Krstic. With us you can enjoy traditional cuisine, fresh trout and many other dishes.

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Ethno Village Rise

Br. telefona: 069476277


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Ethno Village Sljeme

Our village has:
5 bungalows
4 rooms with double beds
2 rooms with 2 twin beds
1 four-bed room

Within the village operates a restaurant that has a capacity of 150 places.

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Ethno Village St George

The complex is spread over 13 thousand square meters, with expert witnesses lake, summer stage, playground. The capacities of the 15 bungalows high class, two deluxe suites, three conference halls with 350 places, restaurant with open garden of 500 places, total capacitiy of the complex 80 beds.

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Ethno Village wellhead

It serves food and drinks that are typical for our region. Dairy products such as cheese, cream, whey, sour milk are from our neighbor who produce these products of superior quality in a completely natural way host.

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