Caffe Pizzeria <strong><in>Big Ben</in></strong>

<strong><in>Big Ben</in></strong>

“Big Ben” – As the memory of one city, student apartment, window in a gray hazy morning. The city in which you first conceived the idea. A city that has helped dreamed a dream, to the sound of the big clock, which still lasts, 2300 km away.
Once a cafe with all 30 squares and seven tables in the garden, now a restaurant-pizzeria “Big Ben” with two terraces capacity 200 seat. Over time, we have made progress and dedicated to serious catering. We have become synonymous with quality and quick service.
Swim I can smell delicious prepared meals. Enjoy one of our terraces, with a slight breeze that brings freshness from the sea.

Caffe pizzeria Big Ben
selling Novo,
Tivat 85320, Montenegro

Tel: +382 67 371 446

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Caffe Pizzeria Big Ben