In the smell and taste of each cake, the color and shape of its decorations, lies
CAROLIJA in which the heart is the main ingredient!

Because of unique tastes, fresh fruit, Best chocolate and a bit of our ? magic,
we are choosen for all

In Čarolija, you can try unique cake and cookies, desserts and pancakes.
Milkshake, in our most popular Thai ice cream and ice cream with “flor
di latte” base and various toppings.. We have also a bakery, where
you can buy fresh sandwiches, croissants and buckwheat pie during the whole day.
The offer is complemented by salads, bruskets, cheese plates and Montenegrin

You can meet all generations, in Carolija, – they all come with the same aim
– to enjoy the flavors and ambience

Address: Bulevar Svetog Petra Cetinjskog 118
Telephone: 067 226 558
Facebook: /CarolijaPodgorica
Instagram: @poslasticarnica_carolija

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