Hridsko <strong><in>lake</in></strong>

<strong><in>Hridsko Lake</in></strong>

Hridsko lake is, although one of the most beautiful among many of our lakes, little known to the general public. Probably because he can not see "in passing". It is located on the northwest side of Prokletije, at an altitude of almost 2000 meters and is one of the lakes located at the highest altitude. Bar with us. Away from the Blue 18 kilometers.

The lake can be reached by dirt road that is not in good condition and more is designed for cyclists, which has more. In places where there is no path, it is necessary to jump over fallen trees or exceed over large stones. For hikers is a path through the forest that is marked. Trailhead is near katuns Bajrović.

Hridsko lake is not a lot and can be visited for thirty minutes. The lake is not too deep, maximum depth does not exceed a few meters (When the period is not under a thick layer of snow melting).

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Hridsko Lake