Zeppelin <strong><in>Lounge Bar</in></strong>


Located in the center of capital city Zeppelin Lounge Bar represents a new wave of refreshment on the gastronomic map and the club Podgorica. Opened in February 2017. in a relatively short period of time has become an essential piece of the night life as a place where you can always hear a good combination of modern sounds of today and clasic gigs, starting with 80 hits′-them up to the songs that now occupy the tops of music charts… Recently Zeppelin Lounge has expanded its offer with the restaurant section where you can enjoy international cuisine in a modern superior quality, comfortable and exclusive ambiance. For the purposes of business lunches, meetings and intimate form dates restaurant has a separate section on the floor where the daily version allows absolute silence and peace, and in the evening a unique combination of club entertainment and culinary delights. Kindness and professional approach of staff are obligatory to us. Zeppeling Lounge bar every night welcomes a large number of bands from Montenegro and the region and the entrance for persons under 23 ..


Facebook: Zeppelin Lunge Bar and Pun

Instagram: zeppelin_lounge_bar_pab

Telephone number: 067666010

Address: Njegoseva 42, Podgorica

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