Piva <strong><in>lake</in></strong>

<strong><in>Piva Lake</in></strong>

When you build a hydro power plant, Piva canyon had to be sunk. The man involved fingers and created Piva Lake, beautiful and deep lake that takes your breath away. however, then it is not assumed that the lake be so nice and will entice tourists from across Balkans.

Piva Lake is an ideal location where you can relax and forget about all the problems that you struggle. Far from civilization, Become one with nature, enjoy the beauty and observe the environment around you because this location is unique in many ways.

Interesting color of water is an ideal opportunity to rest your eyes and gostiprimstvo local population is already generally known. Piva Canyon is nearby and is just one reason to visit this area which is ideal for photographing and encouraging creativity.

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Piva Lake