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Zeta Hotel’s experience wouldn’t be complete without our Wellness and
Spa center!

Like the rest of the Hotel our Wellness and SPA center is created and conducted with lot of love,
knowledge and dedication!

Situated on a two floors of the Hotel it offers variety of treatments and services: ifferent types of
massage, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room, Turkish Hammam, and beauty salon.

But that's not all - our cosmetologists, will offer you to undergo unique
oxygen therapy, and vacuum massage procedures
using Weyergans equipment, developed,
on the basis of NASA space
agency research.

Our cosmetologists also offer: various, world-famous and proven procedures
for face and body, using only the most,
modern and high-tech, cosmetics .

All Wellness and Spa center services are conducted by highly qualified professionals,
who are also always willing to help in choosing optimal treatment based on
your individual needs.


Montenegro, Budva, 85310 Rafailovici, Obala bb

Telephone number: +38233682575 +38269382222
web address:
Facebook: hotel Zeta
Instagram: hotel zeta

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